1st Period Play-by-Play

  Hendrix vs. Centenary (LA)
  Date: Oct 24, 2017 • Site: Shreveport, La.

1st Period Play-by-Play
[00:00]  Lamarr Meza at goalie for Centenary (LA).
[00:00]  Nathan Myers at goalie for Hendrix.
[01:01]  Shot by CENTMS Nick Hammond WIDE RIGHT.
[05:56]  GOAL by CENTMS Nick Hammond (FIRST GOAL), Assist by Scott Halper, goal number 4 for season.
Centenary (LA) 1, Hendrix 0
 *Through ball to near post, shot to far post
 Corner kick by CENTMS Greg Petreas [07:44].
[07:46]  Shot by CENTMS Greg Petreas WIDE LEFT.
[08:30]  GOAL by CENTMS Scott Halper, Assist by Greg Petreas, goal number 5 for season.
Centenary (LA) 2, Hendrix 0
 *Ball Cleared to midfield, pass into box
 Foul on Hendrix.
[11:35]  HENDRIX substitution: Gordon Perrin for Steve Crenshaw.
[12:12]  GOAL by HENDRIX Gordon Perrin, Assist by Dalton Clement and Jack Butler, goal number 2 for season.
Centenary (LA) 2, Hendrix 1
 *Pass across, past far post, centered for goal.
[13:36]  Shot by HENDRIX Dalton Clement, SAVE Lamarr Meza.
[14:47]  Shot by CENTMS Greg Petreas, SAVE Nathan Myers.
 Corner kick by CENTMS Greg Petreas [15:07].
[15:19]  GOAL by CENTMS Nick Hammond, Assist by Greg Petreas, goal number 5 for season.
Centenary (LA) 3, Hendrix 1
 *Off corner deflects off defender, finished by #9
 Foul on Centenary (LA).
[20:14]  Offside against Centenary (LA).
 Foul on Hendrix.
[23:58]  Offside against Hendrix.
[25:24]  Shot by HENDRIX John Hablitz WIDE LEFT.
[26:04]  Shot by CENTMS Gin Pau, SAVE Nathan Myers.
[27:25]  CENTMS substitution: Alejandro Barboza for Nick Hammond.
[27:25]  CENTMS substitution: Ali Ibrahim for Chase Clark.
[27:25]  CENTMS substitution: Gabe Rodriguez for Gin Pau.
 Foul on Centenary (LA).
[28:56]  Offside against Hendrix.
[29:36]  Shot by CENTMS Scott Halper HIGH.
[29:42]  CENTMS substitution: Dillon Rogers for Greg Petreas.
 Foul on Hendrix.
 Foul on Centenary (LA).
 Foul on Hendrix.
[33:38]  Shot by CENTMS Ali Ibrahim, SAVE Nathan Myers.
[35:48]  Shot by CENTMS Alejandro Barboza WIDE RIGHT.
[37:07]  Shot by HENDRIX Trey Webb WIDE.
[37:14]  CENTMS substitution: Andre Anasi for Francisco Simoncini.
[37:14]  CENTMS substitution: Seth Fountain for Travis Schantz.
[37:14]  HENDRIX substitution: Jack Kelly for John Hablitz.
 Foul on Hendrix.
[41:30]  Shot by HENDRIX Gordon Perrin WIDE.
 Corner kick by HENDRIX Trey Webb [41:50].
[44:12]  Shot by CENTMS Dillon Rogers, SAVE Nathan Myers.
 End of period [45:00].